It can be comforting to see the incomprehensible complexity of one’s inside mirrored in the endless unknown space – a starry sky. We get to know them both in between detecting and a simple gaze, we pin meanings to objects and events and watch those slip away and dissolve; others resurface and surprise.  

‘Cosmos’ is the title of a novel by Witold Gombrowicz. It is a battlefield, where meaning(s) serve as ammunition, where human reality is built out of layers of games and streams of gaze and incomprehention, a bubbling lava of emotion underneath. This novel is the inspiration for the gallery and sets its goal:

look towards the unknown. is an art gallery dedicated to curated online exhibitions of experimental London - based artists. Seeing www as a platform for a new folklore, we aim at showing work whose natural environment is in a series of tubes, waves and on personalised screens of digital devices scattered around the globe. 


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