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JF Payne | Grease, Glass and Light

(A portrait of a scanner bed)


JF Payne is an Australian artist living in London. His practice is rooted in the traditions of painting and experimental film making, and aims towards the formal development of painting incorporating technology. JF has a longstanding interest in the ambiance of the everyday, discarded and invisible objects. He works with painting, sculpture, casting, photography and digital animation.




JF Payne in conversation with Dominika Kieruzel

Edited by Daniel Corrick

We just came back from a walk in Erith Marshes, a spectacular place, especially in the evening, as it is unusually dark for London, it’s also unusually solitary, except for horses. Talking about time and art I was reminded of the first work I’ve ever seen by JF Payne – ‘Untitled Cast’. It consisted of a thick layer of paint that had been peeled off the canvas and hung on the bare stretchers.