To create an original artwork/project for an online exhibition at or to propose an idea for the artwork/project that can be realised with support of the gallery


Please do not submit proposals for documentation of an artwork. Artwork must have primarily a digital presence.

It is an open topic, however if you need a creativity accelerator you might think of questions such as:

What stops you in your tracks?

What do you not understand in the world or in your own life?

What is unknown?

What makes you feel playful?

What do you spend most time on?

What risk would you like to play out in art?

The work will be chosen by the curator of the gallery, a professional artist with
experience in collaborative projects, art education from Chelsea College of Art and
Goldsmiths, who will work with the artist/group throughout the process, offering
conceptual and technical support.

The exhibition will last for 2 months online, and later will be accessible via gallery archive. The product collection from the exhibition will remain avalable for purchase in the gallery shop.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email

Send your submission to



FORMAT: PDF document or a Google Drive link

DEADLINE: 6/12/2020


  • Outline the project / 300 words max

  • What is your field, eg: art, science, music, games etc.? / 100 words max

  • What kind of expertise/support would you need for the project? / 100 words max

  • Attach 2 images that inspire you for this project (they can, but don't have to be done by you). Add short descriptions / 60 word max

Selected applicants might be contacted for extra information/documentation.

If you apply by 13th of November you can get a feedback on your application and a chance to fix it if needed by the deadline of 6/12/2020.




  • 16-25 year-olds

  • living in Thamesmead

  • artists, non-artist, groups


  • £500 grant

  • support in creating of the digital artwork

  • limited edition catalogue

  • limited edition prints for sale in the gallery shop

  • support in creating physical artwork for sale at the gallery shop + separate  budget for materials and making

  • Instagram takeover for the duration of the show

  • Conceptual and technical support


  • new media

  • digital

  • gaming

  • performance

  • film

  • photography

  • social media 

  • interactive

  • animation

  • sound

  • programing


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